Seidor offers e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to improve our customer service in a digitised omnichannel context.

We establish the end-to-end strategy, advise on improvement vectors and establish development and management guidelines and methodologies. We work with and are certified in “best in class” e-commerce and digital marketing technologies.

We focus on 4 major e-commerce challenges:

  • The user experience
  • e-Commerce management
  • Product content management
  • Managing multi-channel orders (B2B, B2C, mobility)

Through our methodology of assessing the level of maturity of an e-commerce operation, we diagnose and recommend opportunities for improvement based on vectors related to the challenges of the catalogue, usability, purchasing processes and distribution.

The technological platform best suited in terms of flexibility and modularisation to leverage these aspects, speed up implementation and resolution times and improve the management of the business is SAP hybris, selected because it is the market leader. We have a large certified team with a wealth of experience in its implementation.

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