We are facing a time of change, when the customer profile and products and services in demand have changed, and organisations not measuring up to these new demands will be left behind.

At Seidor, we help you respond successfully to new market demands, starting with a comprehensive audit of your business performance, examining your sales' life-cycle, contributing to increasing them and establishing optimal business strategies.

We carry out an optimal segmentation of customers, thereby deploying the proper market strategy to achieve results and providing appropriate attention to and delivery of the service. In addition, your company can learn about the competition, their products and customers and act accordingly. 


  • Analysis and management of the value chain
  • Structuring back-office areas
  • Implementation of benchmarking processes
  • Process-oriented organisational transformation
  • Establishing a Customer Service model

value proposition



Improve the quality of information for decision-making



Implement objective-driven management models



Implementation of improvements based on sectoral models

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