Seidor offers an extensive portfolio of audiovisual equipment and services for different environments and market segments:

  • Digital signage
  • Control rooms
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Education
  • Board rooms
  • Auditoriums 

We also have the capacity to develop integrated projects, including advice, design, implementation and maintenance.

We create, manage and issue advertising and corporate content, with 24/7 reproduction list scheduling and the option to create different channels according to location. A summary report of everything issued is made on a monthly basis.

Also, outsourcing of technical personnel, hiring and maintenance of specialised equipment for projects and events, including installation and disassembly services and direct coordination with the leading manufacturers and players in the market are provided. 

value proposition

  • Supply of audiovisual equipment
  • Installation and assembly of equipment
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Installation of audiovisual cabling, Ethernet and electrical, testing, analysis and configuration of audiovisual equipment
  • Outsourcing technical personnel




Experience in maintaining equipment with an inventory of over 5,000 units, providing services (SLAs) within response times of 8, 24 or 48 hours


Qualified and certified personnel with specialised technical equipment for the installation, configuration and calibration of digital signage and video walls, with cutting edge LED technology, screens and cabinets


Implementation and SLA services of up to 4 hours throughout the national territory

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